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A general cybertext IF engine

Salet is an offspring of Undum and Raconteur.

The project is still a work-in-progress. This "game" will show you some of the new features.

It's supposed to be relatively painless for the author without sacrificing the reader's experience. For example, the game still loads while you're reading this.

Salet is not a library or a framework you can slap something on. It's more a game you can hack into your game. (Like Undum, yeah.)

There are no either cool editor or clear instructions. You'll have to copy the source code and edit the CoffeeScript files in the game folder. Then compile them.

This is neither a technical documentation nor UI tutorial, this is a game. You're supposed to note all the cool and curious features yourself. If you want some technical info, there are the source code and a wiki.

I'm just here to point out that you are playing this in the web browser, online. And you don't need to learn The Complete Javascript, Volumes I-III to write in this style.

So let me show you... The World.