Salet is a web engine. One of the advantages over some other engines that you can use in Salet is gathering analytics about your players. You can use Piwik, Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrika - it does not matter.

What should you gather?

  • Well, you definitely should use analytics. Even the default settings can give you some writing advice. You can see how many players were engaged in your game and how many were frustrated by it, you can gather a lot of info about your best audience.
  • You can use salet.enter function to gather some data about room popularity. How many players visit this room? How many players take this path? It is usually a very useful information.
  • You can use room.enter function to send some data when the player enters this room. (if you use Piwik, look for Custom Dimensions plugin) That way you can, for example, tell how many people reached the finale.

And so on, and so forth. Just bear in mind that some people have anti-tracking addons, so your data will be incomplete. Also you need a big sample size to actually rely on statistics, so don't trust the data yet if you had only ten players so far.

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